Nuclear & Facility Safety Workshop

February 26 - March 2, 2018
EFCOG Nuclear & Facility Safety Task and Focus groups gathered in Albuquerque to discuss emerging issues and developments and to plan the paths forward for the Accident Analysis, Criticality Safety, Safety Basis, Nuclear Safety Research and Development, and Unreviewed Safety Question Task Groups.  This annual workshop was sponsored by the EFCOG Nuclear & Facility Safety Subgroup, with Jeff Buczek as NFS Steering Committee Chair.  Sandia National Laboratories was the host for the event.  Jeff Marr was the Sandia Workshop Administrator and the main point of contact for the workshop.

The 2018 Nuclear & Facility Safety (NFS) Workshop was held at the Center for Global Security and Cooperation Building (CGSC), 10600 Research Rd. SE, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

 THANK YOU to all the presenters and participants at the 2018 EFCOG SAWG NFS Workshop for making this meeting a successful event.  


Contact Information:

Jeffrey Marr, Sandia Workshop Administrator, Phone: +1-505-284-2064, E-mail:
Pamela James Lipponer, General POC, Phone 1-505-284-4127, E-mail:
Jeffrey Buczek, NFS Steering Committee Chair, Phone: +1-704-651-4742, E-mail:



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